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As a leading and advanced veterinary surgery, we have state-of-the-art facilities on-site.


We have the following facilities on our sites:

An exceptional in-house lab for rapid services such as blood tests and microscopy, including Abaxis processors for exotic species

A fast courier service for external laboratory work – quicker by far than human medical services!

General surgery – orthopaedic, soft-tissue, Keyhole surgery

Advanced anaesthetic monitoring systems

Thermocautery, electrosurgery, cryosurgery

Advanced ultrasound scanning

Video and optical endoscopy

Digital x-ray

Intensive care unit

Dental suite

Post-GA recovery facilities

Your pet’s wellbeing is important to you and the team at Alpha, so we’d like to put your mind at ease

Having these excellent facilities on-site really does make a difference. It not only helps us schedule investigative and surgical procedures sooner, but we can also get the results you need very quickly and start appropriate treatment promptly.

Some of our clients have concerns about the safety of general anaesthesia, which is completely understandable.

For our standard anaesthetic agent, we use propofol as is generally employed in human surgery, as well as isoflurane, a modern, safe anaesthetic gas. When under general anaesthetic, your pet’s wellbeing is of course our top priority.

A fully qualified anaesthetist oversees the anaesthetic at all times, and we use a Burtons full-function multiparameter electronic monitor: this monitors all of the patient’s physiological functions, from their core body temperature, breathing rate and blood pressure, to oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide concentration of the blood and ECG.

We offer the absolute best for your pet and as well as devoting our full time to their health, we invest a large amount of income into equipment. We always acquire the most up-to-date equipment to improve our facilities, and our staff training is rigorous and constantly updated, all to give your pet the treatment they deserve.

We’re more than happy to give you a complete tour of our exceptional facilities. Call us, we will always make time for you to discuss your needs and show you what we have to offer!

Remember, you can contact us anytime!