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Why choose us?

We are Teddington’s premier independent veterinary surgery that offers a vast range of services for your beloved pet dogs, cats and exotic pets. Although we’re based in Teddington and Claygate, we provide our services beyond this area to care for pets who live further afield. Our reputation has spread a long way over the last thirty years!

We’re not a corporate practice and are owned by the vets who work here, with our vast experience, dedication, skills and a passion for caring for animals.

Find out more about our Teddington and Claygate branches.

We pride ourselves in our independence and the way in which we combine our expert skills and knowledge with commitment to caring for your pet.

We’re a personal practice

Alpha Vets is a family – and you and your pet are part of our family. You want to see the same vet and vet nurses every time you visit us – like your family doctor, you want a vet who takes the trouble to get to know you and your family and remembers you, caring for your pets throughout their lives with compassion and a detailed knowledge of each individual. That is what we do at Alpha Vets – many of our staff have been with us for many years and we have a very low turnover of staff – far lower than most other practices!

Our team is highly qualified

With Alpha Vets, you can guarantee that your pet is getting the best possible care. Our staff have many years of experience and superb qualifications, not only our Veterinary Surgeons but also our Registered Veterinary Nurses whom we select not only for their excellent professional credentials but, just as importantly, their empathic approach to veterinary care and their ability to talk to YOU about your pet.

Everything is on-site

With an in-house laboratory we can do important pre-operative blood tests on the day of operations and have a wide range of test results back within minutes. For lab work that we cannot carry out at our own facilities we use a trusted courier to take samples to the most advanced commercial laboratory facilities. Results are back with us as quickly as possible – far faster than you would expect from your doctor!

We’re flexible

In order to make it easier for you, we have long opening hours so you can bring your pet to us when it’s convenient for you. Also, even if we are fully booked, we will always try to make time to see you and your pet as soon as possible.

Free puppy and kitten checks

We’ll make sure that your sweet new family member is fully checked over and can give you all the advice and information you need during the free new puppy or kitten consultation. We love little puppies and kittens so do please bring them in to see us and give them the best possible start!

Communication is key

It can be very distressing when your pet is poorly, so we put ourselves in your shoes. Whether your pet is staying with us or you are awaiting test results, we will keep in touch with you whenever we can to keep you updated with your pet's progress.

24/7 emergency cover

If your pet needs emergency attention when we are closed, our own service – North Surrey Veterinary Emergencies – takes over. Our award-winning emergency and critical care facility, owned and operated by us, is less than 3 miles away from Alpha Vets and our highly trained emergency staff will care for your pet at any time, day or night.

High-quality equipment

To enable our clinicians to swiftly reach an accurate diagnosis for your pet, we always purchase the latest, top-quality equipment. Fortunately, we can deal with most cases on-site, however, if a case requires expertise beyond our resources we can refer you to a number of specialists whom we know and trust that will look after your pet.

Excellent parking

We have unrestricted parking outside the clinic and in all adjacent roads, so you don’t have to worry about struggling with your pet. If you need any help at all with getting your pet to and from the practice, please feel free to ask us! We are happy to help you

We love animals and our job

The most important reason why you should choose us… We absolutely love animals and are completely committed to caring for your pet. You can be sure that your pet will get the best treatment and attention they need whilst in our care, because it’s what we do – all of us, with love.

Remember, you can contact us anytime!